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Music & Performing Arts

Music Production

Music production is the process of creating a recorded music project. A record producer usually handles music production by managing every aspect that can include being a critical part of the creative process, such as deciding what instruments are used and contributing to song arrangements.

Duties of Music Directors and Composers:

· Select musical arrangements and compositions to be performed for live audiences or recordings
· Prepare for performances by reviewing and interpreting musical scores
· Direct rehearsals to prepare for performances and recordings
· Choose guest performers and soloists
· Audition new performers or assist section leaders with auditions
· Practice conducting to improve their technique
· Meet with potential donors and attend fundraisers

Related Careers:

· Music Director
· Music Composer
· Musician / Singer
· Producers / Director
· Choreographer

Our Speakers:

Ivon Tan

Guitar Teacher
11 years experience in teaching music

Winnie Tee

Principal, Kostka Studio
17 years experience in teaching music

Stage Performing Arts

Performing Arts are a form of art in which artists use their voices, bodies and inanimate objects to convey artistic expressions. Few types of Performing Arts includes dance, Music, Opera, Theater and Musical Theater, Magic and Illusion Shows and many more.

Duties of Stage Performing Artist:

· Responsible for performing their roles under the guidance of a director.
· Read scripts, meet with agents, audition for roles, and do extensive research about their characters and their circumstances.
· Memorize scripts and attend frequent rehearsals.
· Creates calendar of Theater productions and events in coordination with the Theater Council and Program Director
· Manages calendar of Theater production, events and general usage
· Manages Theater production organization by establishing responsibilities, rolls, clear communication with Artistic Director and Theater Council

Related Careers:

· Theater Producer
· Program Manager
· Performing Arts Manager
· Musician / Singer / Dancer
. Drama Therapist

Our Speakers:

Ivon Tan

Guitar Teacher
11 years experience in teaching music

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