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Who are your Workshops meant for? Who are your target audience?
Our Workshops are tailored for anyone who wishes to explore and determine the right career, especially high school leavers, before signing-up for costly and lengthy courses at universities or colleges (Before you pay hundred of thousands of Ringgit for your studies at University/College, why don’t pay only a few hundred Ringgit to join our Workshop in order to find out your right career and study path?)
Who are the Speakers of your Workshops?
Our Workshops are fully conducted by experienced and prominent Industry Practitioners who are still active in the industry (NOT by academics, marketers, institutional personnel, counsellors, or someone already retired from the Industry).
How experienced/qualified are your Speakers?
Our Workshops are conducted by Industry Practitioners who have an average of 10 years of relevant work experience (NOT by young juniors who are still new in their industry). The Industry Practitioners are mostly in managerial positions or higher, who have vast experiences in managing a team (These Speakers will be able to guide you as their future Junior/Staff).
How many students per session in your Workshops?
We ONLY allow 5 to 10 students per Workshop in order for everyone to get personal attention from the Speaker, and take part in practical exercises (NOT 50 or 150 students per session, in which you will only be able to listen but NOT participate).
When are you running the Workshops?
We host frequent Workshop sessions on a monthly basis, with most Workshops available more than once a month (So, there MUST BE at least one session/timing that you can join! Please check out our Website or call us for more details).
What language are you using?
Our Workshops are conducted in both English and Mandarin. (So language won’t be a problem!)
Where will the Workshops take place?
Our Workshops are held at Boulevard Offices at Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. It is centrally located between KL and Selangor, with major shopping malls and eateries right next door to us. (Your family members can just drop you off at our Centre, and walk around or just simply join us too!)
I need more information after your first Introductory Session, what’s next?
Still can’t decide about your career direction after the Introductory Workshop? Then come join our Enhancement Workshops for a particular career path to gain further insight about your desired career.

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